Thanks so much for doing this...the Spoonie [Yoga] packages are amazing...they have given me the confidence and guidance to start a daily yoga practice...many blessings.
— Wendy M.
Thank you for these videos. I have suffered from chronic abdominal painfatigue/muscle pain for the last two years without diagnosis. I need to find a way to help myself. I tried a yoga class and spent the whole session hiding back the tears and sitting out a lot of the poses. [Your videos] have allowed me to do [yoga] in the comfort of my own home and get my first footing into my own practice.
— Keely K.
I am so grateful to have found this video and channel. I am completely new to yoga. As a person living with POTS, I found this sequence supportive and relaxing. Thank you so much!
— MariaBug115
I really appreciate your specialized yoga. I have EDS III so I can’t push my joints too hard on the flexibility workouts, so the seated flows feel fantastic knowing I don’t have to adapt them to reduce weight bearing on my wrists and ankles.
— laylyoldwild
I finally found a yoga video that is slow and gentle enough for my CFS. Thank you.
— Aidan A.



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