How do crystals work? Why should I use them? Which crystals are best for the chakras? Does using crystals make me a witch? In this audio lecture, I’ll answer all of these questions and teach you how to use and select crystals for healing.


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Before we talk about how we can use crystals to balance the chakras, we need to talk a little bit about quantum physics so that you’ll be able to understand how all of this works. It isn’t magic. It isn’t witchcraft. It isn’t hippy moony woo-woo crap. It’s straight up science.

So everything in this universe is made up of atoms. You might remember this from science class in school. The human body can be broken down into cells but within the cells are even smaller units called atoms. And these atoms can be even further broken down into three kinds of particles called protons, neutrons and electrons. 

Everything in the universe, all physical matter, is made up of these particles. And all of these atoms vibrate, and its this vibration that holds everything together.

So essentially, everything in existence is made up of the same stuff. But its the vibration, the unique frequency that determines how these atoms organize themselves. 

Everything holds a frequency. Including us. So our bodies all vibrate at a unique frequency. Everything in nature. Everything in existence vibrates at its own unique frequency.

Although we each have our own core frequency. Which is kind of like our energetic signature, our vibration can also fluctuate, depending on our thoughts, our environment, the foods we eat, the people we interact with, etc.

Having a low vibration as the result of negative thinking, environmental toxicity, stress, eating foods that aren’t nourishing and so on, can result in poor physical health. 

So our goal is to raise our vibration so that the atoms and cells in our bodies can become organized and our bodies can be healthy and we can live our best lives. 

So you know I talk about changing toxic thinking patterns all the time and it’s because our thoughts are energy. Our thoughts vibrate at their own frequency and they have the power to influence our bodies and our health by influencing our vibration. Like we talked about in the intro to the chakras lecture, the energetic body, the mental body is closely interconnected with the physical body. They communicate back and forth.

Just to illustrate how powerful this is…Scientific research has shown that you can change the vibrational frequency of a glass of water just by thinking positive thoughts toward that glass of water. You might also remember from science class that the adult human body is 60 percent water. Do you see where I’m going with this? If we can change the frequency of water with our minds, and our bodies are made up of water, this really proves that we can consciously use our minds to raise our frequency and improve our physical health. 

But this is a long journey. Our brains are designed to create patterns, neural pathways, and once these patterns are created, the more and more they’re used, the harder it is to change them. Undoing years and years of subconscious programming and rewiring our negative thinking patterns is hard work and it takes time. So while we’re working on this, it can help to introduce other tools to enhance and speed up the process.

So like we talked about, everything in the universe vibrates at a unique frequency. Including crystals. So let’s say you’re working on thinking more self-loving thoughts and you’re practicing affirmations every day during your meditation practice. In order to enhance this practice, you could hold a rose quartz stone while reciting the affirmations. The vibration of rose quartz is going to match the vibration of self love that you’re trying to create. And your body’s frequency is going to adjust to match that frequency your introducing. So you’re thinking the positive, loving thoughts consciously and the rose quartz is basically supercharging that effect. Training your vibration to match the frequency of self-love.

Technically, you could achieve the same result without using crystals. But I find that using the crystals gives us a point of focus and helps to speed up the process.

So the chakras are a part of the energetic body, but they all have their own unique frequency as well, so we can use crystals to bring the chakras into vibrational alignment which will ultimately benefit the physical body right, because everything is connected.

Generally speaking, the crystal that is going to balance a specific chakra is going to match the color of that chakra. 

So starting at the base of the spine, the root chakra would be red.

Sacral would be orange

Solar plexus would be yellow.

The heart chakra is green

The throat chakra is turquoise-blue

Third eye is indigo

Crown chakra is violet or purest crystal white.

If you go online and search crystals for the chakras, you’ll get a lot of images with suggestions, so I’m not going to list out specific crystals for you here right now. 

Also, when you’re choosing crystals to work with, it’s always best to follow your intuition. So you’re not so much choosing with your eyes or your mind. But rather feeling the energy of that crystal. You’ll feel drawn to the one that resonates with you the most. The body is infinitely wise and will always gravitate in the direction of healing. So you should always trust that intuition above everything else.

So you could use the crystals during your meditation practice just by holding the stone or crystal in your dominant hand. You can wear them as jewelry. You can set them throughout your home. You can decorate with them. You can also lie in savasana and place the crystal directly over the chakra you’re working on.

Some people say that it’s important to cleanse your crystals after each use. But crystals are always going to maintain their core frequency. So in my opinion, it’s not totally necessary. I personally don’t cleanse my crystals very often, but I think it can make you feel more connected to the crystals and stones you’re working with and kind of adds a ritual-like aspect to the practice. So you can do this by playing a singing bowl near your crystals. You can let them sit and charge in the sunlight or full moonlight. Or you can bury them in the ground for awhile. And this just helps to purify the energy.

Thanks so much for listening. As always, if you have any questions, head over to the private Facebook group and I will talk to you again soon.