Trauma is the #1 reason the heart chakra (or any of the chakras, really) comes out of alignment. And every single person on this planet has experienced trauma to some degree. Trauma simply means an unresolved injury (mental or emotional) that is affecting your life in the present.

This can look like a car accident, emotional abuse, losing a loved one, a bad breakup, or...living with chronic illness.

So many of us have been traumatized by our illnesses and by the medical industry, and this can leave us feeling disconnected from other people and from ourselves. We feel misunderstood and afraid of getting hurt again.

This fear can cause us to start to isolate, to start building walls around our heart in order to try and keep ourselves safe. This can manifest as giving too much of yourself and not asking for help when you need it. Putting on a smile and not letting anyone see the reality of how much pain you're in. And it's a valid response to have after you've been hurt, but keeping everyone at arm's length can eventually become a detriment when you're living with chronic illness and are in need of a good support system. 

There are good people in this world who want to support and love you. And you are worthy of receiving that support and love.

The heart chakra is located at the heart center directly behind the sternum and radiates in all directions. It governs the circulatory system and is associated with our emotions, empathy, compassion and our ability to give and receive love. 

This month inside Spoonie Yoga Tribe, we'll be exploring yoga and lifestyle practices that help balance the heart chakra so that we can begin healing and exploring these walls we've built around ourselves. And ultimately decide if they're still serving us or if it's time to let go.