Since this is a bed yoga retreat, I wanted to give all of us this opportunity to really savor our practice. Restorative yoga is one of my favorite styles of yoga. In this type of practice, our goal is to gently open and relax the body so that we are able to settle the mind and body into stillness. The poses are held for prolonged periods of time, so we will support the body with props in each pose. Infused with meditation, this restorative practice will rejuvenate your entire body. In my experience, restorative yoga is even more refreshing than sleep because it is a conscious and constructive rest. It relaxes the nervous system, releases tension and calms the mind. 

An overactive mind can make it difficult for us to stay present in the moment. This practice will teach you to observe your thoughts and use the awareness of your body and breath to slow your mind down. Its not about silencing the thoughts but simply no longer allowing them to control your experience. 

You can download this practice with or without music here