For Spoonies like us, waking up in the morning can feel like climbing Mount Everest. Whether we slept like the dead or woke up every two hours like a newborn baby, our bodies might feel stiff and sore after spending the night in bed. These three gentle poses can help to lubricate the joints and recirculate stagnant energy. You can do these poses before you even get out of bed 


1️⃣ Seated Backbend: With the legs extended straight in front of you, walk the fingertips behind you. Root the sitting bones into the earth and gently lift the chest, creating a tiny backbend. This creates space in the body for the breath to flow freely. Keep the chin tucked slightly to create length in the back of the neck. Backbends like this can be stimulating and energizing for the nervous system. Great first thing in the morning! Hold for five deep breaths.

2️⃣ Seated Forward Bend: With the legs extended in front of you, sit up tall. Keep your spine long as you slowly walk the fingertips forward toward your feet. Remember that the first stretches of the morning will always be a bit more stiff compared to an afternoon practice. Don’t worry about touching your toes. This is just an opportunity to create space. This pose stretches the hamstrings and spine and stimulates the digestive system. Hold for ten deep breaths.

3️⃣ Seated Twist: Take your twist to the right first. Hold for 5-10 deep breaths. Then twist to the left for 5-10 deep breaths. This pose stimulates the digestive tract, revitalizes the spine and opens the chest and shoulders.

If you have time, you can finish your practice by coming into an easy seated position and observing your breath. Easy inhales and exhales. Taking a moment to center yourself before you start your day.

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