I think it’s safe to say that most of us deal with neck and shoulder tension. In the age of technology, we’re spending a lot of our time hunched over computers and phones, creating repetitive stress on our bodies. So it’s important for us to spend some time counteracting this tension! Any backbending poses are going to help with this, and I also love these three stretches…

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1️⃣ Eagle Arms: This pose stretches the neck and shoulders, in particular the trapezius muscles which can get really tense. It’s one of my favorites! If creating a full bind with your arms doesn’t feel good, try hugging your shoulders instead. Hold for ten deep breaths, then change the crossing of the arms so the opposite arm is on top. Hold for another ten deep breaths.

2️⃣ Easy Neck Stretch: In a comfortable seated position, sit up tall. Drop the right ear over to your right shoulder without forcing it. Hold for ten deep breaths, then practice on the other side.

3️⃣ Seated Forward Bend with a block: This variation do the pose is less about stretch and more about relaxation. Use a yoga block or bolster to rest your head. This allows the neck and shoulders to relax. If seated forward fold doesn’t feel good for your body, you could try child’s pose instead.  

Throughout your day, try to take notice of when you feel your shoulders creeping up toward your ears. Notice if you are prone to slouching. Take a deep breath and relax. Is there anything you can do in that moment to bring more ease into your body? Awareness is the first step to creating new healthy habits! 

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