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a yoga retreat at home

  • ten days of yoga + meditation in the comfort of your own home

  • self-paced retreat - instant access to all ten days after purchase

  • every class is done in bed

  • all experience levels welcome

  • practices available with or without music

  • welcome email with tips to create a retreat environment at home

  • stream or download the classes and watch them as many times as you want

  • option to join our private Facebook group for additional support

  • BONUS - you get a copy of both my ebooks before the retreat starts

  • Spoonie Yoga Tribe members can access this retreat for FREE



Practicing yoga in bed can be just as beneficial as yoga on the mat, and depending on your situation, it may actually be a better choice for your body. When we practice in bed, we cushion the body's pressure points, prevent over-stretching and avoid injury.

Bed yoga is suitable for everyone, and I find that it is especially beneficial for those of us with hypermobility, balance issues, dizziness, muscle weakness, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions.

Gentle yoga practices done in bed can give us all the same benefits of a regular yoga practice, including: releasing tension, building strength and calming the mind. If you're bed-bound right now, this program can help you begin to re-condition your body and prevent muscle wasting.

There's something for everyone here, and I'm so excited to share these practices with you.

retreat class schedule

day one: quick + easy morning practice (10 MIN)

This ten minute sequence can be done before you get out of bed in the morning, so even if you don't have time or energy for a longer yoga practice, you've already gotten a bit of yoga in for the day. Prioritizing our practice first thing in the morning allows us to begin our day feeling centered and present, and this carries throughout the rest of the day. If you have time, this day also comes with a guided morning affirmations meditation practice. 

day two: bedtime practice (20 MIN)

This gentle, seated and supine practice releases tension in the entire body so that you can feel relaxed and ready for bed. This day also comes with a guided yoga nidra practice for insomnia. You might fall asleep before this is over.

day three: SUPINE FULL BODY STRENGTH (20 min)

For day three, we are going to turn things up a notch. We may be doing yoga in bed, but this doesn't mean we can't condition our muscles at the same time. If you're a bed-bound yogi, this practice is a great way to begin building strength and prevent muscle wasting.  This entire practice is done lying down and targets the upper body, core and lower body. 


This restorative sequence is delicious! Since this is a bed yoga retreat, I wanted to give all of us this opportunity to really savor our practice. Infused with meditation, this restorative practice will rejuvenate your entire body.

day five: CHAKRA FLOW (30 MIN)

What are the chakras? How does our yoga practice affect them? Why does any of this matter? We'll be exploring all of this on day five with a seated yoga flow that activates all seven of the major chakras.

day six: YOGA NIDRA (35 MIN)

Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep. It's a guided meditation practice that uses a systematic process of relaxation to bring you into a state of consciousness where you are floating midway between waking and sleeping. This can be an incredibly healing practice for mind, body and spirit, bringing the entire being into an integrated state of wholeness. On day six of our retreat, we'll be practicing Yoga Nidra and giving the body a break.


I think it's safe to say that most people experience neck and shoulder tension to some degree. In this practice, we'll explore gentle movement and stretch to help release tension in the neck and shoulders. I find that once these areas relax, the rest of the body tends to relax, too.

day eight: upright full-body strength (40 MIN)

This practice strengthens the entire body. If desired, you can split this class in half and do the upper body one day and the lower body on another day. Honor your body. There's no rush. Building strength takes time, patience and persistence. Every time you practice, no matter how short or how long, you are making progress.


Today we'll take it easy with a supine full-body stretch since our muscles might be a bit sore from day eight. The poses in this class release any energy blocks that may be stifling circulation of blood flow to the muscles and internal organs. The entire practice is done lying down.


In this class, we will venture out of bed and explore some fun ways to modify standing poses using the edge of the bed for support. My hope is that you'll feel energized and inspired after this class. 



No experience is necessary to participate, and you won't need a yoga mat. Every practice during this retreat will be done in bed.

In order to receive the content, you will need an internet connection. If you wish to download the content to a mobile device, you will need to download the Dropbox app (it's free).

I'd also recommend purchasing a yoga bolster like this one and a yoga block or two like these. This is optional, but I think it could really enhance your experience.

I can't wait to practice with you!



Nope! All of these classes are new and exclusive to this retreat, but they are taught in the same gentle style as my YouTube classes. If you've never done a class with me before, click here to check out my free yoga classes to make sure my style is a good fit for you.

what is your refund policy?

  • When you enter your credit card information, you will be charged a one-time fee of $30 USD for the retreat. Because this content is digital, this purchase is non-refundable. If you're not sure if this retreat is right for you, please fill out the form below. I'm happy to answer any questions.


Yes! To pay using Paypal, please click here. Enter your payment amount ($45.00 USD)  and in the notes, please type your email address and the words "Bed Yoga Retreat." I will email you login instructions within 36 hours of your purchase. If you have any further questions, please contact me directly by using the form below. 


This retreat is $30 USD. You can click here to convert to other currencies.

what is spoonie yoga tribe?

Spoonie Yoga Tribe is my online yoga membership program. This retreat is included with your membership (after your one week free trial has ended). You can click here to learn more and to sign up with your credit card. You won't be charged until after your trial period has ended, and you can cancel at anytime.




Hi! I'm Rachel Marie White. I am a yoga teacher and chronic illness warrior. For nearly a decade, I have been living with chronic pain and chronic illness symptoms. Through all of the unpredictable ups and downs, I have learned how to care for my mind, body and spirit with yoga. Sharing this healing practice with others has become my life's passion. I've already helped thousands of chronic warriors to discover yoga practices that really work, and I would love to help you do the same!



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